Scaife Family Foundation

Helping Americans Break the Cycle of Addiction


Addiction is a complex, insidious disease that can destroy lives and families. It's the nation's number one health problem, but addiction can be effectively treated and managed for life.

Almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10 percent receive treatment. The most common reasons people don't seek treatment are denial that they have a problem, shame in acknowledging their condition or fear of what treatment and recovery may involve.

We support programs and organizations that eliminate these obstacles and provide addiction prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery. This includes both residential and outpatient facilities that provide additional services like job placement and career counseling.

We also partner with nonprofits who are advancing the field of addiction through research, education and training to help counselors respond more effectively to substance use and related issues. Our funding has also trained thousands of physicians and medical school residents in recognizing and treating addiction, particularly alcoholism.

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