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Mission Statement
The Scaife Family Foundation grant awards will support and develop programs that demonstrate the beneficial interaction between humans and animals, early intervention and prevention in the area of drug and alcohol addiction, and address issues surrounding the health and welfare of women and children.

Providing Charitable Funding to the Community


For over 30 years, the most vulnerable members of the community have been supported by the Scaife Family Foundation through charitable funding. Since its inception in 1985, the Foundation has provided more than $150 million in donations for non-profit programs and general operating support.

We aim to help make the world a better place by continuing the legacy of generosity made possible by the Scaife Family. Our primary objective is to match the Foundation with non-profit organizations having similar interest areas and goals.

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Our Funding Process

Our funding process for grant requests is as follows:

  • A proposal letter on the submitting organization’s letterhead detailing the purpose for the grant and signed by an authorized representative, President or Board Member
  • The organization’s most current Designation and Certification of 501C3 status by the Internal Revenue Service
  • A copy of the organization’s current total operating budget and, if applicable, a detailed program budget
  • A copy of the most recently filed Internal Revenue Service Form-990 signed by an officer of the organization or its authorized representative.
  • A full listing of the organization’s Board of Directors

If possible, please also include the latest complete Audited Financial Statement and Annual Report.

We have two deadlines for submitting proposals: The first business day in February for our Spring Meeting and the first business day of August for Fall. All proposals should be forwarded directly to the Scaife Family Foundation Office at 777 S. Flagler Drive, Suite 909 East Tower, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, using standard US Mail. Submissions should be postmarked on or before either of these two deadlines. We normally only consider grants at our Spring and Fall Meetings, but we accept applications at any time and act upon them as expeditiously as possible. For all submissions, further information and documentation may be requested.

Proposals for event sponsorship and endorsements, capital campaigns renovation, individuals and government agencies are typically declined.
The Foundation's service area is not limited to any particular geographical area within the United States and we will historically consider South Florida and Western Pennsylvania first. All grants are determined by the Trustees on a case by case basis.



Who We Are

  • David Zywiec - President and Chairman


(561) 659-1188

777 S Flagler Drive, Suite 909 East Tower
West Palm Beach
FL 33401