Scaife Family Foundation

Empowering Women and Children
To Reach Their Full Potential


Woman and Child

Women and children need health, security and opportunity to thrive in the world. But far too many face significant barriers to fulfilling their full potential.

This includes 27 percent of female-headed households in America living in poverty, along with nearly 13 million children. And domestic violence occurs every 15 seconds in the U.S. and affects one in four women—four of whom lose their lives every day.

The risk of violence is equally high for children in unstable home environments. As a result, nearly half a million kids are in foster care on any given day in America.

We partner with high-impact organizations that break down barriers and help women and children lead bigger, brighter lives free of violence, addiction or abuse. Among other goals, we promote healthy relationships and social change to support the physical and emotional needs of women and children in crisis.